Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts with the Goody Gifting App

Do you need a last minute Father's Day gift? Use the Goody gifting app and select from a curated list of vendors and their best products.
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Surely I am not the only person with a father who is hard to shop for? 

And because I don’t know what to get him, I’ve procrastinated – again!

Father’s Day is just days away and I’m looking at my schedule and I have no time this week for shopping and nothing says “last minute” like the Amazon Prime box delivered on Father’s Day.

But wait… It just so happens that I tried out the Goody gifting app a few weeks ago for a Finders and Keep review article. Goody is the ace up my sleeve and will allow me to send my Dad a great gift last minute, and not even be embarrassed (because Goody has some pretty amazing stuff!)

Plus I get another opportunity to share a truly great product with all of our readers.

How It Works

The Goody app makes gifting seamless and enjoyable for both the gift giver and the recipient.  You select from a curated list of vendors and their best products. When I used the app last time, I chose to send Raaka chocolate to my sister. She was able to select the type and flavor that she wanted, making it the perfect gift (more on that in a minute).

The first thing you need to do is download the Goody app.

Then you choose a gift.

When I opened the app to pick out a Father’s Day gift, I was thrilled to discover The Goody Father’s Day Gift Guide with curated Father’s Day gifts. 

Can it get any easier?

Why yes it can! They segmented the guide by interests:

  • The Master Chef Dad
  • The Chill at Home Dad
  • The Self-Care Dad
  • The Outdoorsy Dad
  • The Experiential Dad
  • The New Dad

My father already has a lot of “stuff” so the “Experiential” gifts really excited me. In particular, the National Parks Pass caught my attention. My father loves to camp and fish and I knew that this would be the PERFECT gift for him. 

Even though I had made my choice, I was curious, so I browsed through all the Father’s Day gifts (and some of the others). There was a lot of good stuff to choose from, like the Barebones Living Rechargeable Camp Lantern from Food52 and remote golf lessons from Skillest.

There was even a free IOU option with a customizable option. I decided that the heart design was appropriate for Father’s Day and I threw in an IOU lunch at his favorite restaurant.

Then, I drafted a personal note to go with my gifts and hit send.

Goody Gift App Father's Day Guide

The Goody App Checkout Process

The checkout process was really simple. All I had to do was enter my father’s phone number (no shipping address needed). That was convenient because he moved recently and I’m not sure I have his new address written down.

When you send a gift, the recipient receives a text message that tells them they have a gift, who it’s from, and suggests that they can confirm the gift with the sender. Then they can click the link to the gift, open up the personalized note, input their shipping address and accept the gift.

For some items, like the chocolate I sent my sister, they have the ability to select the options they want. This makes the gift very personal which I love!

As for payment, my credit card doesn’t get charged until the gift has been accepted.

What I Love Most about the Goody Gifting App

What I love most is that Goody simplifies the gift-giving process. I can shop curated gifts, like the Father’s Day gifts, and send them to any contact on my phone, even if I don’t have their address. Since I don’t pay until the gift is accepted, it eliminates the need for refund requests if something goes awry. I’ve sent digital gift cards before and the recipient never claimed them. I was able to get back my money but only after jumping through hoops. I’d much rather pay the Goody way.

I’ve now used the Goody gifting app twice and both times it was easy and enjoyable. I was drawn to it because it was convenient but I’m positive that it will be my new go-to for gift giving.

Goody makes it easy to be a total gifting hero. Try it for yourself and get $10 off your first send with code GOODY10.

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